Stones have no flavour that they impart on wine - they simply make the soil less. If there is less soil the vine produces more concentrated fruit, the same happens with old vines, also when vines are planted in high density. As the rock opposes the vine so does a nearby plant; and age limit growth and crop. Life from Stone has the good fortune to have all these 3 concentrating factors in its favour — thus the unmatched complexity of a great wine.

Vintage 2013
Sauvignon Blanc, 12 - 18 year-old vines, clone SB11E on R110
6 t/ha

Robertson, South Africa

Harvested at night in January 2013, 21 days alcoholic fermentation, 100 days on primary lees, all racking done under CO2, stabilised at -3ºC for 2-3 weeks, 80g/hl Bentonite fining.
Not sterile, only 2.5 micron filtration prior to bottling on the estate
alcohol: 12.8 % | acidity: 8.04g/l | pH: 3.4 | FSO2 40 at bottling Sugar: 1.8g/l
slope: very gentle southerly, 6060 vines/ha row direction angled into the sunset
soil: extremely rocky – 70% quartz, 30% solubles
climate: moderate summer with low night temperatures, cold winter
wind: south easterly (summer)

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