This wine originates from 23-year-old vines rooted in sand rock formations in the estates riverine area. It is a richly concentrated wine from the estate's prime site for Sauvignon Blanc. Treated tenderly in the cellar with minimal intervention, the full expression of the terroir has been allowed, and the resultant complex, sensuous combination of passion fruit and nettles, minerality gives a full mouthfeel with stylish length. Will mature beautifully for 2-4 years.

Vintage 2013
Sauvignon Blanc 22-year-old vines, clone SB242 on
rootstock Ramsey
6 t/h
Robertson, South Africa

Harvested at night in January 2013, settled without enzymes at -3°C for 2-3 weeks, 18 days fermentation, 100 days on lees, contact racked only twice, under CO2, stabilised at -3°C for tartrates, 80g/hl Bentonite fining.
Not sterile, only 2.5 micron filtration prior to bottling on the estate
alcohol: 12.6% | acidity: 7.88g/l | pH: 3.3 | FSO2: 40mg/l at bottling | Sugar: 2 g/l
slope: very gentle southerly
soil: 50% rock, 50% Table Mountain sandstone
climate: moderate summer with low night temperatures,
cold winter
wind: south easterly (summer)

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