t has often been said that vines deliver best where they have to battle for survival. Hostile, rocky and unforgiving: this is the Springfield terroir. The ground is so impermeable that it takes hard work and strong hands to plant the vines, erect trellising poles and work organic material back into the soil. We are fortunate to have many different types of soil on the estate – some areas are very rocky, consisting of about 70% quartz rock.

Others areas are rich in lime, with soil similar to that found in Burgundy and Sancerre. Sandy loam soil can, in turn, be found near the banks of the Breede River. By recognizing these differences in terroir we have been able to make complex, terroir-driven wines from site specific vineyards. In the old days, the vineyards were planted in a north to south direction.

Today, whole blocks of vineyards have been re-aligned and vines are planted in an east to west direction to ensure more even ripening, maximize protection against the scorching sun and optimize the effect of a cool south-easterly breeze. In keeping with our philosophy of site-specific planting, each vineyard is planted in a site with the perfect conditions for that specific variety and style we desire.