Pinot Noir 2010 – SOLD OUT

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Pinot Noir 2010

It is with great sadness that we have to announce that the 2010 Pinot Noir is sold out.

The Springfield Pinot Noir has always been an enigma. A tiny parcel of vines, struggling in incredibly rocky soil, the Pinot Noir vineyard is our true love and the thorn in our side at the same time. We have only released 2 vintages in the past 10 years of making it. Some years, it ripens at exactly the same time as our Sauvignon Blanc, and we aren’t able to get the grapes off the vineyard in time. Some years, our wine maker has felt that the wine is not exactly how he desires it to be. Other years, we had ’tasted’ all the stock before we could release the wine. However, when we do manage to release a vintage, it proves to be something magical, something unique.

Thanks to your amazing support, we sold out of the 2010 vintage in the short space of 7 months. We look forward to the next vintage, whenever it may be – trust us, you will be the first to know when that is.