pringfield’s cellar dates back to 1902, and is geared towards our back-to-basics and minimum manipulation approach to winemaking. The basic philosophy of minimal intervention is followed throughout the wine making process.

No pumps, crushers or presses are used in our red wine cellar; instead, grapes are transported using a gravity flow system and fermented whole, to limit any spoilage or damage to the delicate berry. Most of our wine is fermented using natural wild yeast,unpredictable and volatile process that takes months and is impossible to guide or control.

The wine is then bottled unfiltered and unfined wherever possible, as we believe that sterile filtering results in the best part of wine ending on the cellar floor. Dedicated barrel and bottle-ageing cellars allow us the luxury of ageing the wine for 2 years in barrels and 4 years in bottles as long as necessary until it is ready for release.